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Welcome to Gen44, the official under-40 fundraising program of Obama for America—created to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party. Are you Gen44?

Are You Gen44?

In 2008, President Obama empowered a new generation of young Americans with his relentless call for change. While people of all ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds were inspired to participate in politics for the first time, few groups showed as much energy as our newest generation of business, government, public, and private sector leaders. Across the country, we turned out in record numbers, not just to vote, but to donate our time and money—to knock on doors, to call our neighbors, and to contribute to the campaign.

As President Obama told us in 2008 and continues to remind us now, the work did not end on Election Day. We made commitments to each other about what we hope tomorrow looks like and what we believe our country can be and they are commitments we must fight for every day. From our commitment to these ideals, we created Generation Forty Four or Gen44 for short—a council to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders in the Democratic Party. Gen44 will work with this groundbreaking group, all under the age of 40, to serve as a platform for political mobilization and to ensure that President Obama and Democrats have the resources and infrastructure needed to implement the change we believe in.

Foundation of Success:

Gen44 is a concept founded from some of the 2008 presidential campaign's most successful programs—Generation Obama (GO) and the DNC TrailBlazers. Building on this strong record of achievement, the DNC merged these critical programs to establish Gen44. Since 2008, Gen44 has worked to harness the energy and excitement of the Presidential election by cultivating the next generation of fundraisers. We have and will continue to work to maintain the passion of those young Americans who worked so diligently to elect President Obama and help them to engage their networks and colleagues in support of the President and the Democratic Party.

To date, we have put together and participated in a number of exciting and successful events. We have hosted fundraising kick-offs with President Obama in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York DC, Boston as well as a number of events with top tier surrogates.

Taking a Leadership Role in the Presidential Re-Election Campaign:

We hope you will join us in our effort to send President Obama back to the White House in 2012 and elect Democrats up and down the ticket. We are looking to grow our leadership as we work toward this goal. Gen44 is only as strong as our leaders, and we are looking for individuals who display a strong commitment to the advancement of President Obama's agenda and to the long-term sustainability of the Democratic Party.

We have four tiers of leadership within the Gen44 program—National Co-Chair, Regional Co-Chair, Regional Lead, and Finance Committee Member. The different levels require different financial commitments and we are excited to help you build your fundraising skills at whatever level you choose to raise.

For more information, please contact Sharon Yang, Gen44 Finance Director at or Lora Whitticker, Gen44 Deputy Finance Director at