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Welcome to the 2012 Campaign

By Christopher on

If you're a regular visitor to, you’ll have noticed the site looks quite a bit different from the way it has for the past few years.

The 2012 campaign kicked off this morning, so we thought it was the right moment to flip the switch on a few changes.

One thing that may strike you is that there's just not as much here as there used to be. As this campaign gets off the ground, we want to start small—online and off—and develop something new in the coming weeks and months.

The idea is to improve upon what's worked for the past four years, scrap what hasn't, and build a campaign that reflects the thoughts and experiences of the supporters who've powered this movement. That means we'd love to hear your comments so we can be sure to add the resources, tools, and content you need as a part of this campaign.

Even though this campaign has just kicked off, there's a whole lot you can do right now to start organizing for 2012.

If you haven’t already, take a moment now to say, “I’m In”, and invite your friends to join you via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Then take a bit of time to explore the organizing resources here on the site. You can sign up to be a volunteer in your community, connect with other supporters, and find campaign events near you (if there aren't any events near you yet, you can also be the first to create one). There’s a new store for exclusive 2012 merchandise—so you can replace your old items with all-new campaign t-shirts, water bottles, stickers, and more. Finally, there’s this blog, where we'll be documenting everything that happens as volunteers and staff across the country get to work building this campaign.

And of course, you can always check out for more about what the President is doing every day, his policies, accomplishments, administration, and more.

This is just the beginning. We'll be adding to this site, opening new field offices, training organizers, and developing plans every single day, and we hope you'll play an active role. The first step of all this is an unprecedented program to hold one-on-one conversations with millions of supporters about where they want this campaign to go—look for lots of news about that over the next several weeks as the process unfolds.

Thanks for visiting. More to come.

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