Digital Day of Action

Grassroots supporters across Florida are coming together to build support for President Obama.

We're spreading our message through house parties and phone banks, and we're organizing online too. By taking part in Florida's first Digital Day of Action you are making sure every voter has a voice at the polls in November.

Register Voters

  1. Add your name to get trained and certified to register voters in your community.

What's your registration status?

Choose your voter registration status below for the resources you need now.

  1. Not Registered to Vote

    The deadline to register to vote in Florida is October 9th, but you can get everything you need today.

    Download and print a voter registration form right now—just make sure it's postmarked by October 9th or sooner.

    Get your voter registration form now.


  2. Not Sure if I'm Registered

    Can't remember when you last registered? Have you changed your party affiliation, or moved since the last election? Don't risk a headache at the polls. Check to see if your registration status is up-to-date.

    Checking your voter registration status is a breeze thanks to the handy online tool at the Florida Secretary of State's website.

    Make sure you're ready for November

    Check status

  3. Definitely Registered to Vote

    We know empowering new voters to become part of the process can bring change beyond all expectations. This time around we’re counting on people like you to make sure your friends and family know how important their vote is.

    Take a minute and help us spread the word—it's easy!