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Spreading the word is key to making progress on the issues you care about.

The Organizing for America social sharing app is a way to get involved by sharing important information, online activity and some of videos you watch with your friends on Facebook. By enabling this app, you'll educate, recruit, inspire, and make a difference.

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Connect with Facebook to share activity with friends.

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What's This?

This app shares some actions you take on this site to friends on Facebook.

Use the controls below to change your share settings.

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Get Started

Click "Join" on the OFA Facebook app you see across, authorize the app, and start sharing your activity on the site, such as videos you watched, with your friends on Facebook.


Get the word out

Once you've authorized the OFA app, you'll see a "Sharing: On" link, which lets you know that the app will automatically share some actions you take on the site to Facebook.


Control what you share

You can remove specific share actions by clicking on the "Sharing on" link, find the share action in the list that you want to remove from your Facebook Timeline, and click the red "X". Or click the “Undo” link. This will remove the story from your Timeline within 5-10 seconds.

Turning automatic sharing off is also simple—just click on the Facebook sharing toggle until you see "off"". Click the toggle again to turn sharing back on.

Remember though—the more you share, the more you help.