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  • Read all about it: OFA supporters young and old call out climate deniers

    By Samantha Abernethy on

    An OFA supporter in Texas speaks to the press outside the offices of denier Rep. Ted Poe.

    The goal of Tuesday's climate day of action was simple: make it clear who is preventing action on climate change, and why. With the help of unicorn statuettes, OFA volunteers did just that. Here's a look at some of the new coverage:

    - "For whatever reason Congressman Steve King is deciding to ignore the facts, ignore the science," said OFA volunteer DJ Smith to local news in Iowa. [KCAU-TV]

    - In northeastern Pennsylvania, OFA supporters visited the offices of U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta to deliver his award for denying the science on climate change. [The Times Leader]

    - In California, one climate denier award was delivered to U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. "This award is designed to draw attention to the anti-reality and anti-science position that Rohrabacher and others in Congress have taken," said OFA-OC. [OC Weekly]

    - OFA volunteers visited several of Sen. Marco Rubio's offices in Florida on Tuesday. [Tampa Tribune]

    - Climate denier Rep. Rob Wittman of southern Virginia claims to be a "champion of the Chesapeake," but OFA volunteers showed that his stance on climate change leaves much to be desired. [Daily Press]

    - In San Diego, OFA supporters visited U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa. "[F]rom ocean protection to climate change to species protection to wilderness protection—you name the environmental issue, and Darrel Issa is usually on the wrong side of it," a supporter said. [KPBS]

    - In Tennessee, U.S. Rep. Scott Desjarlais received his Climate Change Denier Award from a group of OFA volunteers. “He’s a medical doctor,” Chris Polk told The Daily News Journal. “So we know he believes in science." [Daily News Journal]

    - A member of U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett's staff met with OFA supporters who delivered the congressman's award to his office in New Jersey. [Patch]

    It's not too late to teach climate deniers a science lesson. Call out the deniers in your state.

    Call out climate deniers

  • Behind the scenes of a Day of Action

    By Aquiles Damirón-Alcántara, Pennsylvania Immigration Reform Issue Organizer on Action August Volunteering Volunteers

    You've seen what OFA volunteers can accomplish in Action August, but do you know how we do it? Here is a peek at how we gear up at the Lehigh Valley chapter in Pennsylvania.

    First, we lay out our schedule. The chapter uses a big calendar to map out a skeletal plan of August. We give each member a blank calendar so they can take notes and pin the initiatives they are most interested in.

    This is our "Situation Room," AKA my living room, where OFA Fellow Megan and I review calendars and plot out the specifics of Action August.

    We accomplish a lot over a small amount of time. In just an hour or so, the chapter organized its Action August events. Then, volunteers go home with a clear idea of our expectations, committed to specific events. That allows us to concentrate on recruiting new volunteers to grow our chapter.

    To turn someone from just another name on our list into an active OFA volunteer, our team works to develop meaningful relationships. We don't just ask them which issues matter most to them—we ask them why these issues matter to them. The answers to that question have proven to be the most valuable pieces of data we collect.

    Once we understand why our volunteers got involved, we tailor their volunteer experience (and our events) to meet the direction our volunteers want to go.

    Already we've held a house party for Obamacare in Allentown on the President's birthday, spent a day standing with our future and sharing our "American Story" to push for comprehensive immigration reform, and called out climate change deniers in Congress.

    We're halfway through Action August, but we've only just begun. Find an event near you, and make sure you are heard.

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  • Not your average award ceremony

    By Samantha Abernethy on Action August Environment

    Supporters nationwide joined forces Tuesday to send a message to climate change deniers in Congress that it is time to accept the reality of science. In one day, OFA supporters hand-delivered "Congressional Climate Change Denier Awards" to more than 100 members of Congress.

    Climate change denier Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California has said that "global warming is a total fraud." OFA Orange County volunteers rallied to make sure he knew that 97% of climate scientists say otherwise.

    In Florida, supporters put pressure on Sen. Marco Rubio, holding 11 events across the state and delivering his very own Climate Denier Award to one of his staffers.

    In Bloomington, Ind., Rep. Todd Young sat down with OFA supporters when they delivered his Climate Denier Award, and the group had a conversation about climate issues and the importance of taking action.

    Here's a look at more photos and stories from OFA events nationwide:

    OFA volunteers will keep putting pressure on lawmakers until there is action in Congress to address climate change. It's not too late to get involved—call out the members of Congress who deny the science of climate change in your state.

    Call out climate deniers

  • It's all about the economy

    By Samantha Abernethy on

    President Obama visited Illinois, Tennessee, and Arizona in recent weeks to push his plan to give Americans a better bargain, making sure that everybody who works hard has a chance to succeed in the 21st century economy. Along the way, OFA volunteers were there to greet him.

    Action August is a month-long effort by OFA supporters to engage on the issues that matter to them most—and on issue after issue, there's a clear connection to the need to grow our economy from the middle out.

    Obamacare is about providing the relief of affordable health insurance that fits the budget of a middle-class family—a plan that is there when they need it.

    Comprehensive immigration reform would also boost our economy, reduce the deficit, and—as President Obama pointed out in his speech in Galesburg, Ill.—"immigration reform that makes undocumented workers pay their full share of taxes would actually shore up Social Security for years."

    Combating climate change spurs innovation and creates jobs for people right here at home—especially in growing industries like the green energy sector, which will help us tackle climate change.

    OFA volunteers are standing up and saying these are the issues important to them. We know these things are vital to growing the economy.

    No matter which issues you care about, there's still time to be part of Action August—and to learn more about the President's plan to create a better bargain for the middle class.

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  • See how Obamacare is helping everyday families

    By Samantha Abernethy on Action August Health Care

    OFA released a new television ad today—the third in a series showing how Obamacare is already helping families across America.

    The new ad highlights just one of the millions of families who are seeing lower costs for health insurance and receiving rebate checks in the mail. "The law works," says this North Carolina family.

    All summer long, OFA volunteers are helping spread the word about the new law in their communities. Learn more about how Obamacare is working for you.

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  • St. Louis delivers lesson on climate change

    By James Page, St. Louis chapter leader on

    On Tuesday OFA volunteers delivered Climate Change Denier Awards to more than a hundred members of Congress who refuse to accept the science on climate change. Here's a report from one of those events.

    OFA St. Louis Chapter members and supporters conducted a successful climate change day of action event at Rep. Ann Wagner's office. Some of the speakers included Ken, our chapter's climate change lead, and Hodi, a recent graduate and passionate climate change activist.

    Hodi shared information on the impact climate change is already having on our state. As a young man, Hodi is concerned about the growing effects of climate change on his and future generations.

    Ken explained how we arrived at today's event, starting with President Obama's call on lawmakers to pass "bipartisan, market-based" climate change legislation during his State of the Union address. Ken also explained that our representative is just one of 135 members of Congress who have been identified as "climate change deniers."

    The "Climate Denier Award" we presented to Rep. Wagner is not the end of the story—it's a way to raise awareness about her positions and pressure her to take action. We hope that Rep. Wagner and her staff will agree to meet with members of her constituency regarding her position on climate change and will agree to support climate change legislation. The issue is too important to ignore any longer.

    Want to help us keep the pressure on climate deniers in Congress? Stand with President Obama, and tell them you demand action on climate change.

    Demand action on climate change

  • Representative Van Hollen on the American commitment to clean energy

    By U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland on

    Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of dedicated OFA organizers and volunteers at a climate change town hall in my home state of Maryland. As co-chair of the bipartisan House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, I provided an update on the challenges and opportunities surrounding climate change legislation in the 113th Congress.

    The costs of doing nothing when it comes to global climate change are huge. We see a greater frequency and intensity of major weather events – and those events have a very real price for property, infrastructure, and, most importantly, human lives. But addressing this challenge will pay dividends both for our climate and our economy far into the future.

    The future of clean energy production in this country is a huge opportunity. In just the last four years, we have doubled the amount of electricity generated from the wind and the sun. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2011 there were 3.4 million clean energy jobs—an increase of 158,000 from the year before. Those are jobs manufacturing wind turbines, installing solar panels, and other jobs in that sector.

    Now is the time to build on that success, and to ensure America's leadership on clean energy technology globally while strengthening our economy at home.

    I was pleased to attend President Obama's address on this key issue at Georgetown University in June, and we need to pursue the strategy laid out in that important speech. OFA is the engine for translating these ideas into action, and there are two important things we can do. First, we must make sure that Congress does not obstruct the President's ability to implement his forward looking plan. Second, we must build a critical mass in Congress to work with the President to take positive steps.

    If we all work together, I am confident that our nation will serve as a world leader in green jobs, environmental standards, and energy innovation.

    You can get involved in the movement to meet the challenge of climate change today. Sign up for one of OFA's Action August events and say you're ready to act on climate.

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  • OFA presents the Climate Denier Awards

    By Caleb Gardner on Action August Environment

    Climate change deniers have said some ridiculous things in the past, making excuses for why they don't believe in climate change that would be funny if the issue wasn't so serious.

    To call out elected officials who have decided to turn their back on hard scientific evidence, OFA volunteers have already been tweeting at their members of Congress this week, telling them that #ScienceSaysSo on climate change reality. Now they're taking it to the next level, serving ridiculousness for ridiculousness.

    These awards are as real as the scientific evidence saying climate change is happening, and the volunteers who are delivering them are hoping they will serve as a physical reminder that their constituents will hold these lawmakers accountable to their votes on climate issues.

    Follow the hashtag #ClimateDenierAward today to see the deliveries in action, and then take the next step. Say you'll stand with the President and act on climate change.

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  • Tell climate deniers the threat is real

    By Jack Shapiro, Deputy Climate Campaign Manager on Action August Environment

    In the photo above, OFA Miami volunteers rally to demand action on climate change.

    There are currently 135 climate change deniers in Congress—that we know about. If you want a sense of why Congress has failed to take meaningful action to combat climate change, that number speaks volumes.

    That's why tomorrow, OFA supporters are coordinating a nationwide day of action to tell members of Congress—in person—that it's time to get serious about climate change.

    In climate deniers' districts, we'll be calling them out and shining a big old light on their denial of climate science. And in other areas, we'll be thanking elected officials for being part of the solution—and asking them to continue to lead.

    Will you join us on Tuesday?

    The scientific community has reached a level of consensus that you don't often see regarding the reality of climate change and its consequences. NASA and the national academy of sciences of every major country in the world have all said that climate change is real—and manmade.

    That's not reflected in our leadership in Washington. And it starts at the top in the House of Representatives. Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and nearly every member of House Republican leadership continue to insist there's no problem.

    This congressional failure of leadership demands a response. It's time to get the backs of everyone in Washington who's willing to be a champion on this issue. That's what Tuesday is all about.

    RSVP for a climate change day of action event in your neighborhood.

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