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Use this calendar to find out how you can help register voters and get mobilized for November. Stay in the loop on key dates like early voting deadlines, days of action, and local campaign events.

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A Message From Our Field Director

Our Plan Leading Up to Election Day

Team Building

Conversations with Voters




Iowa Caucus

Democratic National Convention

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Team Building

  • Volunteers working in neighborhood teams to organize their communities are the foundation of our organization.
  • Team Leaders build neighborhood teams by recruiting volunteers and by training core team members to own specific aspects of the team’s organizing work in order to reach local campaign goals.

Conversations with Voters

  • Face-to-face conversations are the most important tool we have to build this campaign and build support for the President.
  • By knocking on doors in your community and talking to your neighbors, you can help make sure people are registered to vote and ready to turn out on Election Day.
  • A big part of these conversations is learning about people's stories and spreading the word about how the President's work over the last four years might affect them.


  • After the convention, the campaign will go into high gear, with more voters looking to learn about the two parties’ competing visions for our country’s future.
  • We will continue registering voters prior to state registration deadlines, turn out supporters to vote early in states with Early Vote, and begin preparing for Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

Get Out the Vote

  • In the days before the election, volunteers will knock on doors and make calls to turn supporters out to vote.
  • We’ll print and assemble information packets, fill volunteer shifts, and provide voters with all the information they need for where, when, and how to cast a ballot.

Election Day

  • On the big day, we’ll continue to knock on supporters’ doors, make calls, and promote people’s right to vote, until the final vote is cast.