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  • Your clipboard

    By Melanie on

    If you go canvassing this weekend, this could be your clipboard:


    Pictured: An Obama-Biden sticker for your jacket, a map of the neighborhood, and an information packet to help you talk to voters at the door.

    Not pictured: The fired-up organizers and volunteers who will greet you at the staging location, and teach you everything you need to know about getting out the vote.


President Obama and the AAPI Community

The Obama Administration’s Accomplishments for the AAPI Community

President Obama is a strong supporter of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and has established a track record of support for issues that matter to AAPIs. From access to quality health care to tax cuts to help small businesses grow, the President’s agenda highlights his commitment to making sure that we provide security and opportunity to working and middle-class families and build an economy where hard work pays, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone plays by the rules.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about the Obama administration's accomplishments for the AAPI community.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about the choice for AAPIs in this election.

Download this fact sheet for information on President Obama's accomplishments for AAPI-owned small businesses.

Expanding access to quality, affordable education

Increasing representation in government