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On April 4th, 2011, supporters across the country came together to launch President Obama’s re-election campaign. Since we hit the ground running that day, volunteers and staff have been busy building a grassroots organization in all 50 states.

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From San Francisco to Boston, we’re opening field offices to bring our organization to towns and cities all over the U.S. In the last year alone, we got operations up and running in 50 states.

Represents Organizing for America and Obama for America Offices

Powered By People

Supporters in all 50 states are driving this campaign by making phone calls, knocking on doors, and hosting events. Scroll down to learn more about the folks who have already stepped up.

More than 1.8 Million

people have donated to support Obama 2012.

Taking Action

Over the last 12 months, volunteers have been working to organize neighborhood teams, register voters, and bring new supporters on board.

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Since the launch of the campaign, folks have captured hundreds of moments through photos—take a look through some favorite snapshots from the last year.
From meeting the organizers who are building this campaign to a look at where we’ve been, the last 365 days have been full of stories.

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