Here are five things HBCU alumni can do to support President Obama's campaign.

  1. Join African Americans for Obama on Dashboard

    Connect with other HBCU alumni and African Americans and get involved with the campaign in your community by joining Dashboard, our online organizing hub.

    Join Dashboard
  2. Make calls

    Use the African Americans for Obama call tool to reach out to other African American voters and encourage them to get involved in the campaign.

    Make Calls
  3. Attend an event

    Get involved by participating in a canvass, phone bank, or campaign open house near you.

    Find an event
  4. Get the word out

    Learn about President Barack Obama’s accomplishments for the African American community and then share using your social networks to spread the word.

    Learn More
  5. Get out the vote

    Make sure you and all of your friends are ready to vote for President Obama this election by going to Then make sure everyone votes!

    Get out the vote